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“I have three wonderful childbirth experiences. When I gave birth to my eldest daughter, God was with me in the form of my husband. When I gave birth to my youngest daughter, the Almighty was with me in the form of easy independent childbirth. But at that moment, I thought that the next birth would definitely be simple and quick. And my main misconception was that during natural childbirth, midwives are just around, but not fully included in the process. That is why I had a third childbirth experience with my son. Three beautiful women: Glenda, Tiffany and Shivani were with me when I was most needed. And they were completely invisible when I wanted to relax. Each of them was always as tactful as possible, their help was always on time. And it was the best experience ever. I am happy that the best team was with me that day. I thank each of you for my health and my healthy son.”


Glenda and her team are absolutely amazing. I have had two out of three children birthed with Glenda and she really is beyond amazing.
With my first I had at a hospital it didn’t even feel like anything about my own body was my decision. I was scared and it showed as multiple drugs were used to start and stop and start again my labor. I was not informed and really didn’t understand how much more calm it is to birth naturally and how, once you understand your body, it really is a work of art.
Glenda is someone who really knows the science behind birthing; both physically and mentally. She understand the energies in the room and knows, in my personal opinion, how to truly be there for you and to say for you to have the healthiest birth.
She feels like she is so calm and nurturing while at the same time direct and assertive enough to make the right calls and to understand what each individual mother needs to birth their own child their own way with their own body.
Glenda is empowering and understands the complex awareness that mothers and mothers-to-be already have. I am so blessed to have come across Glenda and to be privileged to have worked with her during both of my births. Glenda is open and honest and she has the ability to make any woman feel the power of their own being.
Glenda was so patient. Throughout the whole process I had a bunch of questions that were always answered fully and with the utmost confidence.
Never once was I scared when birthing with Glenda and not once did I ever feel like I wasn’t the only one she was caring for. She has the ability to welcome your baby with you and your family as natural as nature should.
I can rave about Glenda ‘til the cows come home but I truly feel that anyone who is so blessed to have worked with Glenda on any of their births was pre-destined to do so. That may seem like a lot to take in but truly she is a god send in this time of your life where you haven’t the time to take care of yourself. Glenda reminds you that you are just as important as the baby you are birthing because in a sense you both as one.
Thank you Glenda and team for having the utmost care and consideration during my full pregnancy and thank you Glenda personally from the experience and blessing I had with my two births. I really do feel like I birthed my babies and that Glenda was and will always be the most perfect person to be there to guide me and my family through the birthing process. How beautiful it is to have someone just as special as Glenda to do life together.
Thank you and forever thankful for you.”

“We had a wonderful experience with Glenda and her team. From the prenatal visits to the postpartum care, I felt nothing but cared for, listened to and respected. Her experience and education guided me through the entire process allowing me to feel confident that I was making the best decision for my baby and I. I would highly recommend Glenda to any expecting moms and will remain thankful for the experience we shared together.”

T. Mohanty

“Glenda and her team are absolutely amazing.
I have had two out of three children birthed with Glenda and she really is the real deal when it comes to at home care.
I felt safe and secure throughout the whole process and couldn’t have had a better birthing experience. Glenda is calm and caring and the perfect person to care for you and your baby before during and after childbirth.”


“I recommend Glenda with my entire heart & soul. Glenda was a true pillar of light through my pregnancy & birth journey. She is knowledgeable, skilled, wise, calm, patient, empathetic & understanding. Glenda went so far out of her way to be present & attentive for my care. She was truly the only one throughout my pregnancy that did not use fear tactics or manipulation to pressure me into doing anything. She was a great listener through the whole experience & came to our appointments with a calm & beautiful presence that allowed me to feel safe & heard. She also included my partner in all conversations & listened to us both. My birth ended up going far from planned (due to circumstances that were completely out of anyone’s control) & Glenda was there through it all. She was an advocate for me & offered her intelligent, thoughtful & well researched perspectives as a sounding voice when everything felt like chaos. Glenda will hold the space for you to have the birth you envision having & will be there with you through whatever happens. I trust her completely & would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a provider who will offer knowledge based care rooted in compassion, empowerment & heart centered practices. Glenda is an earth angel – if you have the opportunity to work with Glenda you will be taken care of fully & you will be supported in listening to your mama intuition along the way. If you are looking for a midwife who truly believes in you & your birth look no further – Glenda is your blessing.”


“I have used Being Born (Glenda) for all 3 of my home births. I wanted the most experienced and knowledgeable midwife. But also one that believes birth is natural and usually needs no interventions. Glenda is wonderful at making sure mom and dad have all the information to make informed decisions about pregnacy and delivery.
We were able to contact her anytime there were questions or concerns even if we were not yet due for an appointment. I highly recommend Glenda snd her team for welcoming babies and prenatal care.”


“We are so grateful to have found Glenda. I wanted to do a VBAC at home, and it wasn’t easy to find care. But thank God we found Glenda in the end. Her professionalism and calmness gave me the best support during birth. I would highly recommend her and her team!”


“Glenda and her team gave me a birth experience that I will cherish forever. They allowed me to flow and were also there to support, guide, and encourage me as I birthed my baby. I would highly recommend Being Born to anyone!”


“My birth could not have gone more perfect with this team and the prenatal/postpartum care was spectacular 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I will do all future births with my Being Born team.”