Being Born

Midwifery and Home Birth Services

Glenda Datsko

Is a licensed Midwife in Florida and has been practicing since 2011. Attending midwifery school and training in FL she moved to MA to start a home birth practice in 2011. She returned to FL in 2017 and currently practices in the Tampa Bay Area.

Services We Offer


Your prenatal care will be provided in your home.
Visits will last 45 minutes to one hour.
Information will be provided on common complaints of pregnancy,
natural remedies and ways to support a healthy pregnancy.


Your home birth will be attended by
a professional licensed midwife and a birth assistant.
All necessary equipment, therapies,
and medications will be supplied.


Your postpartum care will include a home visit at 24-48 hours
to assess you for bleeding, vital signs and well-being.
Your baby will be screened for congenital heart defects and metabolic disorders.

Birth Certificate information
will be reviewed and filed.

You will be provided with quality prenatal, labor, birth
and postpartum care and have 24/7 access to midwife

Home is a safe space for a healthy birth